Hans Chocolatier

Chocolate Truffles


No. 1 Grand Marnier

          Rich orange canache, enrobed in dark chocolate and dusted lightly with powder-sugar

No. 2 Champagne

         Smooth milk chocolate cream center perfumed with champagne and enrobed in milk chocolate

No. 3 Cointreau

          Mandarine flavored butter cream dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with light chocolate stripes

No. 4 Mint

         Cool tasting white mint cream in white chocolate

No. 5 Cinnamon

          Dark chocolate mexican cinnamon cream enrobed in  milk chocolate and rolled in cinnamon sugar.

No. 6 Walnut

         Ripe small pieces of  walnut chocolate  butter dipped in dark chocolate and dusted with coca powder.

No. 7 Mocha

          Mocha canache, dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with white chocolate stripes.

No. 8 Amaretto

         Finest almond flavored cream light in color is enrobed in dark chocolate.


 Chocolate Truffles Assorted 240 pc./ case

These are just a few of the many flavors we make.

Special Chocolate Truffles:

 Hand rolled, hand dipped in Dutch Cocoa 

Continental Chocolates

Amaretto logs

Cinnamon logs

 Candied Chocolate Orange Slices

144 pc. /case